Our Expert Editing Services are meticulously designed to elevate your manuscript to meet the highest standards of academic writing and presentation. Here's what you can expect from our comprehensive editing package:

Who Should Use This Service?

This service is recommended for authors who require high-quality language editing to ensure their work is free from grammatical errors, has a well-structured sentence formation, and maintains the correct context throughout the manuscript.

Service Highlights:

  • Number of Editors: Your manuscript will be reviewed by two highly qualified editors to ensure thorough and meticulous editing.
  • Editor Qualifications: Our editors are native-language specialists with advanced degrees (Ph.D. or master's) in your subject area, ensuring a deep understanding of the content and context.
  • Language and Grammar Check: We provide detailed corrections and improvements for grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to enhance clarity and readability.
  • Technical Accuracy: Our editors ensure that your manuscript’s technical aspects are precise and accurately presented.
  • Manuscript Formatting: We format your manuscript according to the guidelines of your target journal, ensuring it meets all necessary standards.
  • Writing Style Consistency: We maintain a consistent writing style throughout your manuscript, enhancing the professional tone and coherence.

Additional Features:

  • Edit Unlimited (180 Days): Benefit from unlimited editing rounds, ensuring your manuscript is polished to perfection before submission.
  • Editor Q&A: Communicate directly with our editors to clarify any questions or concerns about your manuscript, fostering a collaborative editing process.
  • Word Count Reduction: If needed, we can reduce the word count of your manuscript while preserving its core content and impact.

What We Don't Include in Expert Editing:

  • Logical Flow Check
  • Content Enhancement and Presentation
  • Scientific Developmental Editing
  • Top Impact Review
  • Rejection Shield
  • Quality Assurance Check
  • Top Impact Scientific Report
  • Certificate of Editing
  • Plagiarism Check by iThenticate ($50 Additional)
  • Cover Letter ($25 Additional)
  • Manuscript Submission Assistance

Our Expert Editing Services focus on perfecting the language and presentation of your manuscript, ensuring it stands out in the competitive landscape of international journal publishing. Trust our experienced editors to help you present your research in the best possible light.