Our Premium Editing Services are designed for authors seeking comprehensive, in-depth editing to significantly enhance the quality and presentation of their scientific manuscripts. Tailored for those aiming to publish in high-impact factor journals, our service ensures your research meets the highest standards of academic excellence.

Who Should Use This Service?

This service is ideal for authors requiring extensive editing to refine their scientific content, improve logical flow, and optimize the presentation of their research. If you are targeting high-impact factor journals, our expert team is equipped to elevate your manuscript to the required level of excellence.

Service Highlights:

  • Number of Editors: Your manuscript will undergo rigorous review by three expert editors, ensuring thorough and meticulous editing.
  • Editor Qualifications: Our team comprises native-language specialists with Ph.D. or master's degrees, including experts with experience as editors or reviewers for prestigious international journals.
  • Language and Grammar Check: Detailed corrections to enhance grammar, punctuation, and syntax for clear and precise communication.
  • Technical Accuracy: Ensuring all technical details are accurate and well-presented.
  • Manuscript Formatting: Formatting according to the specific guidelines of high-impact journals.
  • Writing Style Consistency: Maintaining a consistent and professional writing style throughout the manuscript.
  • Logical Flow Check: Enhancing the logical structure and coherence of your manuscript to improve readability and impact.
  • Content Enhancement and Presentation: Improving the presentation and structure of scientific content to make your research more compelling.
  • Scientific Developmental Editing: Providing in-depth developmental editing to refine the scientific arguments and contributions of your manuscript.
  • Top Impact Review: Offering expert insights to increase the impact and relevance of your research within your field.

Additional Features:

  • Rejection Shield: A 365-day valid guarantee that includes further editing in case of journal rejection.
  • Edit Unlimited: Unlimited rounds of editing for 365 days, ensuring your manuscript is thoroughly polished before submission.
  • Editor Q&A: Direct communication with editors to address any questions or concerns, fostering a collaborative editing process.
  • Quality Assurance Check: Final review to ensure the highest standards of quality before submission.
  • Top Impact Scientific Report: Detailed feedback and suggestions tailored to help your manuscript make a significant impact in your field.
  • Word Count Reduction: Streamlining your manuscript while maintaining its core message and impact.
  • Certificate of Editing: Providing a certificate confirming that your manuscript has been professionally edited, which can be submitted to journals.
  • Cover Letter: Assistance in drafting a compelling cover letter for journal submission.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Plagiarism Check by iThenticate: Available for an additional $50.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) Plagiarism Check: Available for an additional $100.
  • Manuscript Submission Assistance: Available for an additional $150.

Our Premium Editing Services are designed to enhance the scientific quality and presentation of your manuscript, ensuring it meets the rigorous standards of high-impact factor journals. Trust our experienced editors to elevate your research, increasing your chances of successful publication in prestigious journals.